Monday, March 16, 2015

Week of 3.16.15: Sant Cat Pin

Everybody, everybody!

Remember Homestar Runner? I just remembered him, right now in this moment. But that's irrelevant (irrelephant).
Last week I didn't have time to write my weekly email, but for those of you who I didn't write, I got transferred from my first area, San Cristobal, to an area called Kaminal Juyu in a part of the capital called Utatlan. I was in a TRIO, with Hermana Pantoja, who's from Bolivia and will be going home in this next transfer, and Hermana Mansell, who is in her second transfer of training. They're both amazing, and I really admire them a lot--Hna Mansell got baptized only about a year and a half ago, and even though she's still learning about everything in the church, she teaches with a lot of love and power. Hna Pantoja just knows everything and is an incredible teacher. I learned a lot from both of them, but sadly, I am no longer with them! Because I got transferred to ANOTHER area! What!
On Thursday morning, the assistants called while I was getting out of the shower and said 'Hermana Campbell, you need to pack your stuff because you're leaving your area!' Apparently, two companionships that were in training had to get split up, because both of the trainees wanted to go home. So they sent the other trainer to my area, Kaminal Juyu, and sent me to my new area, Santa Catarina Pinula (on the sidewalks in front of the municiple building, it says 'Sant Cat Pin,' hence the title of the email). It's still inside the capital, but it's at the bottom of a huge, windy hill called El Barranco and it's basically like a little pueblo, but it's really close to the temple and the heart of Guatemala City. At first I was really grumpy, and confused about why they wanted to change me, but the last few days have been incredible. This area is really blessed--the ward is so loving, like SO LOVING (I've never felt so much love), and the people are bizarrely open and receptive. There are a lot of drunk guys who like to yell 'I go to the Mormon church!!! Canchita!!!' but I even love them too. 

My companion has also been another blessing--her name is Hermana Recinos, and she was one of the sister training leaders at the very beginning of my mission. She's incredible, and I've already learned a lot from her. Right now we're working with a family, Alejandra and Duglas, and their three kids. They were taught by the missionaries about two years ago, but they closed the area, and they never got baptized. So we're working with her to get her ready for baptism, and she already passed her interview, but she didn't come to church yesterday and we aren't sure what happened, because she's not in her house and she won't answer her phone. We're pretty worried, so if you would maybe keep them in your prayers, that would be great. We also had an insane lesson with Melissa, who's new, and she was so receptive and open, it was incredible. She's coming to church next week, and we feel that she's ready to be baptized. 

One of the converts here, Astrid, is my new best friend. She got baptized in October or something and now she brings breakfast to the missionaries every morning, and she LOVES going to teach with us. She came over this morning and helped us clean our house, and she's just the best. Something I've learned is that a BIG part of missionary work is taking care of converts. It's good to have baptisms and stuff, but it's also important to make sure that the people who have already made those covenants can continue being faithful to them. SO! If there are converts in your wards, be their friends. I'm sure they're great people! You'll love it!

My motivation this week is in 2 Nephi 2:6-8. I've been thinking and studying a lot about the Atonement, which is really the center of everything we do and believe and teach, and I like the way Lehi explains its importance here. 
I'm sorry this email was a million years long, and I hope you didn't get bored of reading it. Until next week, keep on keepin' on, and always ANIMO! (There's not really a word for that in English, sorry.)


Hermana C