Friday, February 13, 2015

Week of February 9 2015: Centipede!

Hey guys, 

Not a lot to report on this week. After our baptism-wedding-extravaganza last week, we kind of were left with nothing in terms of investigators, baptismal dates, etc. So this week we've just been contacting a lot, and trying to get into the closed colonies so that we can contact there (which sometimes works, and sometimes we get kicked out by the guards, but it's all in a day's work). One lady we contacted told us that she was busy and when we asked her if she had time later, she told us 'I'm going to busy for the rest of my life BYE,' so that was heartening. 

One kind of cool/weird thing that happened this week is that we found a guy who lives here who's from Florida, and we went and taught him in English, which was super bizarre. I realized that I have NO idea how to teach the gospel in English, and it was also hard because my companion doesn't speak English, so she didn't know what we were talking about and I was just rambling and rambling. But still! English! It was kind of cool. 

I also found a centipede in my house this week, which was terrifying, but I guess finding weird things in one's residence (mushrooms, deadly insects) is all part of the mission experience, and it's beautiful and horrible and BLAH.

So I hope everyone has had a better week than I did, and that this week that's coming will be better for all of us. Read Romans 8, which is my favorite chapter in the NT. Paul is s'great. (That rhymed, and it was unintentional, I'm sorry.)
Sister Campbell

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