Friday, December 16, 2016

Week of February 1 2016: Highs and Lows

Highs and lows of this week, starting with lows to get them out of the way:
Low: we have changes!!! (Or transfers, I guess, for you snobby Americans. )They're going to reopen our area with ELDERS. All the members are like, 'NOOO! Elders are so lame!' But I know they will get along great with the members. This branch is so wonderful and I will miss it a lot, but I know bigger and better things are in store. 
Low: a classic Progreso moment--we had to keep shooing a stray dog out of the sacrament salon because it had followed its owners. It also appeared to have fleas, making it all the more necessary to shoo it out. 
Low: after the weird cold front from last week, it's been INTENSELY hot this whole week and we have been getting sunburned. 
Enough of the negativity! Here are a few of the many wonderful things that happened this week:
High: we unknowingly stumbled into a lesson with the sister of a recent convert when I was on divisions and all of our plans had fallen through. I knew that I had seen her face somewhere, but I wasn't sure why I recognized her until I invited her to church at the end of the lesson and she said 'my little sister goes to church with you guys!' and I sat with my mouth wide open for five minutes in shock. 
High: Enrique, the son of some investigators, who has always been SUPER SERIOUS and never likes to play with us or even wave to us like other kids, followed us out of the house when we were leaving and shouted 'TE AMO!' and I almost fell over because of my excitement. 
High: when I was on divisions in Jalapa, the member that was acompanying us told us she had made torrejas (if you don't know what that is by now, you gotta go back and read the rest of my emails). She offered to bring us some and I almost shouted 'SI!' Then we ate torrejas and I went to bed happy. 
High: Kevin came to church yesterday! He offered the prayer in gospel principles and it was a really wonderful and sincere prayer, asking for guidance and direction and for blessings for us (the missionaries) and our families. He is so awesome. 
It was a good four and a half months here in Jutiapa. We found out tonight where we're going to go, so by next week, I'll let you know where in the world I am. 
Read the scrips (especially the teachings of Jacob, who is my BoM hero right now), and protect yourselves from the cold!
p.s. there we are with the parents of Enrique after a church activity they came to. He's such a BABE.
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