Friday, December 16, 2016

Week of February 9 2016: AC/DC

BACK IN THE CAP! (That was supposed to be a play on AC/DC's 'Back in Black,' but I think I've lost my touch for wordplay in English.)
That's right, I'm back inside the capital! Well, in a manner of speaking. I'm in my wonderful new area, Las Margaritas. It's part of Ciudad Quetzal, which is technically part of the capital, but it's kind of a little pueblo. My new companion is Hermana Lagos, and we're reopening the area. It's AWESOME, because we've just been knocking doors and going out with members (mostly recent converts, who are AWESOME and love going to lessons with us), and finding awesome people. Yesterday after church, we knocked the door of a family of five, whom the missionaries had visited before, and taught them about the priesthood and the restoration and they all wanted to be baptized! We also had a super spiritual lesson with a new family we found whose first question for us was, 'why do they call you mormons?' So we got to explain the Book of Mormon, which is one of my favorite subjects. 
Our area is pretty much a giant mountain, and it's REALLY COLD! And we do a lot of stair and hill climbing (I don't know why they built so many staircases here, but there's a ton, as you can see in the picture), and generally we just get tired every day from working and walking, and it's awesome. 
I found my new favorite scripture in the Book of Mormon this week, on my first day in Margaritas when I was exhausted and sleep deprived and stressed about reopening the area: 'And now, I do not know all things; but the Lord knoweth all things which are to come; wherefore, he worketh in me to do according to his will.' (Words of Mormon 1:7)
Pretty much, Heavenly Father knows everything, so we don't have to worry or be stressed about anything! Life is wonderful, the gospel is true, the atonement is real, and Jesus is my friend and your friend. 
Have a wonderful and peaceful week, and remember to find joy in the journey!
Hermana Cranberry

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